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Oct. 30th, 2005 | 07:55 am
music: The Great Beyond-R.E.M.-The Great Beyond - EP
posted by: flygirl1013 in allmost_there

I am 5'0", weigh about 133 currently. I have an hourglass shape, with muscular legs. I'd like for my muscles to be leaner and more toned. My goal weight is 117, which is healthy (a BMI of 22.8) and where I was happiest.

I struggled with being barely overweight since junior high. I've always been athletic, but food was a comfort, that whole sort of thing. In my tenth grade year, I became bulimic (my mother, who has been a size 0 or 2 most of my life, was getting remarried and started telling me I was fat and eating too much). I'm no longer bulimic, but because of that, I still have a hard time telling when I am full, when I should stop eating, and just end up eating what is on my plate. I've been a vegetarian of some sort for seven and a half years, but didn't really like vegetables all that much (yeah, doesn't make much sense), so I ate a lot of dairy, straches and fats. Then in college, when I was my heaviest weight, getting up to almost 150, I became vegan in a secret attempt to loose weigh by not eating all that ice cream, etc. I still gained weight because a college cafeteria isn't exactly a healthy place for vegans.

That was my worst, so fast forward to last year when I am happily married, done with bulimia and many other issues, not dieting or even caring what I eat (although I did add seafood into my diet), and I find myself a small size 4 weight 117. I was thrilled, had done it without trying, all while my husband was indulging me and encouraging me to eat whatever I wanted.

Then, seven months ago, he deployed to Iraq, and I slowly put on the pounds. I was working out more, but without someone to talk with, cook with, eat with, it was hard to not get some bad habits. I began pigging out on the couch in the evenings (the time we used to spend together).

Two months ago I started the Zone diet. It worked well for about two weeks, then my bad/splurge days got bigger than my healthy days. I feel like it did help me loose some fat, but the muscle build up took a lot of the place, so my jeans are no looser. My parents have been on the South Beach Diet for a year, so I recently decided to try it. I've been doing Phase 1 since Thursday. I don't know if I'll continue, but I thought the carb detox would be a good idea. I joined a gym (to do boxing!) a month ago with the hope of motivation since I'm paying for it, but haven't been much due to many factors, most recently being sick.

I will post a picture soon. I'm was happy to see this community was up. Thanks.

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From: openmindedmama
Date: Nov. 3rd, 2005 12:54 am (UTC)

Hey welcome to the community - we have two mods so I didn't know you had joined. I am posting pics tonight.

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