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Welcome new members - and a word from the mod

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Feb. 5th, 2006 | 12:33 pm
mood: determined
posted by: openmindedmama in allmost_there

Hello new members - I am sorry if you have been waiting a long time for membership to be approved - I had a comoderator who had taken over moderating because I'm pregnant and can't actively lose weight. She left the community without telling me! I am really excited to see some new interest and will do my best to keep up witht he community. We are small - but our concept is really good - I encourage everyone here to check out past entries for inspiration - especially Seals Training which was really making me feel good the limited amount of time I tried it. If anyone who is actively trying to lose weight and likes researching the topic would like to help by comoderating please let me know!

Remember - support groups are a great place for ideas and motivation - but losing this weight is going to take self-control, determination and hard work from each of us individually. It is worth the feeling to say no to that extra snack and yes to driving to the gym even though you just want to go home after work. Bathingsuit season is almost upon us and we have a "small" advantage - we don't have much left to lose!

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