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Feb. 6th, 2006 | 04:18 pm
posted by: audreybelle in allmost_there

I wanted to make an introductory post here. My name is Audrey. In the past year or so I've managed to loose about 15 pounds or so which managed to creep up on me in my last few years as an undergrad. Here are my stats:

HW: ~160
CW: 146
Goal Weight: 130-135

I'm 5'7" or so. I've got skinny legs and skinny arms kinda big boobs and a big ole pot belly. Over the summer someone asked me if I was expecting, which was fairly embarassing. It seems that no matter how much weight I've lost the belly stays: arms legs butt hips all get smaller. I've been on a few trials of phase one of the south beach diet and followed all the rules fairly strictly but don't really loose any weight. I am excersizing regularly and have managed to loose the 3 or so pounds that I gained over the holidays, but the three pounds that I have gained since being back to school are proving harder to loose. I go to a kickboxing class about once a week, sometimes twice when I'm good, and I try to go get some other cardio wether at the gym or on a run once or twice more a week. I walk all over the place. To the grocery store, the coffee shop I study at, all around campus.

The thing is is I'm a grad student and my schedual is crazy! I'm doing something different every weekend and trying to get loads of work done when I'm not in class or interning. The south beach hasn't worked quite as well because I don't have time to always cook and make sure that for instance salad dressings on campus are sugar free. As for other dietary thing I don't like fruit especially bananas, and with the exception of chocolate don't really like much sweet stuff which works to my advantage.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Or any easy recipies that keep well and are healthy.


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Welcome new members - and a word from the mod

Feb. 5th, 2006 | 12:33 pm
mood: determined
posted by: openmindedmama in allmost_there

Hello new members - I am sorry if you have been waiting a long time for membership to be approved - I had a comoderator who had taken over moderating because I'm pregnant and can't actively lose weight. She left the community without telling me! I am really excited to see some new interest and will do my best to keep up witht he community. We are small - but our concept is really good - I encourage everyone here to check out past entries for inspiration - especially Seals Training which was really making me feel good the limited amount of time I tried it. If anyone who is actively trying to lose weight and likes researching the topic would like to help by comoderating please let me know!

Remember - support groups are a great place for ideas and motivation - but losing this weight is going to take self-control, determination and hard work from each of us individually. It is worth the feeling to say no to that extra snack and yes to driving to the gym even though you just want to go home after work. Bathingsuit season is almost upon us and we have a "small" advantage - we don't have much left to lose!

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Time for me to GAIN some weight

Nov. 15th, 2005 | 03:44 pm
mood: amused amused
posted by: openmindedmama in allmost_there

So . . . I am 4 weeks 4 days pregnant. So much for losing my last 10 lbs - now I have to try to gain some weight :) Oh well . . . fade_away_me will have to be the actively losing mod for now. I'll still be here to give advice, get tips for light exercising and cheer everyone on. And of course I'll be back when I have some baby weght to lose (I'm supposed to gain 28 lbs!)

Here is a good news update though . . . at the doc's office I was 125 lbs - so I lost 5 lbs since starting the community! Yeah!

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15lbs to go!!

Nov. 8th, 2005 | 05:13 pm
posted by: princesselika in allmost_there

So I thought I'd join here because I have 15lbs to lose...to meet my personal goal...I wiegh 149 - I've lost 29lbs in 10 weeks! I am on the South Beach diet and L*O*V*E it!! It's worked great! I've gone from a size 18 to a size 8 (very loose)in 9 weeks!! WONDERFUL diet!!! Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myslef!

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BMI calculator

Nov. 3rd, 2005 | 06:49 am
mood: curious curious
posted by: openmindedmama in allmost_there

For those of you who don't know your BMI (Body Mass Index). It is quick and easy to find out at this CDC site. Be sure to read the "What does this all mean" link to get a better understanding of what you are learning. Since we are trying to lose approx. 25 lbs orless, for many of us our BMI may already be normal - but we want to be on the lower end of the range. Others may be teetering between normal and overweight. If you are in the obese category this may not be the community for you. calculate my BMI now!

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Oct. 30th, 2005 | 07:55 am
music: The Great Beyond-R.E.M.-The Great Beyond - EP
posted by: flygirl1013 in allmost_there

I am 5'0", weigh about 133 currently. I have an hourglass shape, with muscular legs. I'd like for my muscles to be leaner and more toned. My goal weight is 117, which is healthy (a BMI of 22.8) and where I was happiest.

I struggled with being barely overweight since junior high. I've always been athletic, but food was a comfort, that whole sort of thing. In my tenth grade year, I became bulimic (my mother, who has been a size 0 or 2 most of my life, was getting remarried and started telling me I was fat and eating too much). I'm no longer bulimic, but because of that, I still have a hard time telling when I am full, when I should stop eating, and just end up eating what is on my plate. I've been a vegetarian of some sort for seven and a half years, but didn't really like vegetables all that much (yeah, doesn't make much sense), so I ate a lot of dairy, straches and fats. Then in college, when I was my heaviest weight, getting up to almost 150, I became vegan in a secret attempt to loose weigh by not eating all that ice cream, etc. I still gained weight because a college cafeteria isn't exactly a healthy place for vegans.

That was my worst, so fast forward to last year when I am happily married, done with bulimia and many other issues, not dieting or even caring what I eat (although I did add seafood into my diet), and I find myself a small size 4 weight 117. I was thrilled, had done it without trying, all while my husband was indulging me and encouraging me to eat whatever I wanted.

Then, seven months ago, he deployed to Iraq, and I slowly put on the pounds. I was working out more, but without someone to talk with, cook with, eat with, it was hard to not get some bad habits. I began pigging out on the couch in the evenings (the time we used to spend together).

Two months ago I started the Zone diet. It worked well for about two weeks, then my bad/splurge days got bigger than my healthy days. I feel like it did help me loose some fat, but the muscle build up took a lot of the place, so my jeans are no looser. My parents have been on the South Beach Diet for a year, so I recently decided to try it. I've been doing Phase 1 since Thursday. I don't know if I'll continue, but I thought the carb detox would be a good idea. I joined a gym (to do boxing!) a month ago with the hope of motivation since I'm paying for it, but haven't been much due to many factors, most recently being sick.

I will post a picture soon. I'm was happy to see this community was up. Thanks.

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Oct. 25th, 2005 | 01:25 am
mood: cheerful cheerful
posted by: openmindedmama in allmost_there

If you have approximately 25 lbs or less to lose and you want to do it the healthy way, then this is the community for you. Right now we are Friend's Only, so see our userinfo for information on how to join. Thanks and Welcome to allmost_there

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